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Mayakia Anderson is an author who experienced a great betrayal which led her to write a book about self-realization and her spirituality. Prior to writing this book, Mayakia had been a devout member of her church with a deep faith in God. However, she was devastated when the pastor of her church betrayed her trust, and this experience left her feeling isolated and alone.

Mayakia began to experience suicidal thoughts and even thoughts of homicide as she struggled to come to terms with her emotions. She felt like her world had been turned upside down, and that she had lost all sense of purpose and meaning in her life.

However, Mayakia eventually discovered the true God and this changed everything for her. With this newfound faith, she was able to find peace in her heart and begin to move past the pain of her past experiences. Mayakia's book about self-realization is a testament to the power of faith to transform one's life even in the face of extreme adversity. Her story is an inspiration to anyone who has experienced betrayal or hardship, and demonstrates that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope.